'Birth' by Alexander Serra

This particular painting showcases interlocking circles and shapes that create a complex, symmetrical design. The use of bright, contrasting colors like red, blue, green, and purple enhances the visual impact and highlights the geometric patterns. The central motif appears to be a series of overlapping circles, possibly representing the Flower of Life or similar patterns often found in sacred geometry.

The composition's focal point seems to be a central arrangement of smaller circles, suggesting a nucleus or a starting point, which aligns well with the painting’s title, "Birth." This central theme can be interpreted as the beginning of life, new beginnings, or the genesis of ideas and forms.

Environmental Interaction: "Birth" by Alexander Serra, when examined through BioGeometry principles, is more than just a visually appealing artwork. It incorporates key elements that enhance and harmonize energy fields, making it a powerful piece for promoting balance and well-being. The use of interlocking circles, color harmony, symmetry, and geometric precision all contribute to its ability to positively influence the biofield of viewers and the spaces it inhabits.

Sacred Geometry Art Benefits are found through mindful contemplation
Sacred Geometry Art Benefits are found through mindful contemplation
'Centers' by Alexander Serra

"Centers" by Alexander Serra is another captivating example of his work with sacred geometry. This painting, like "Birth," utilizes geometric shapes and vibrant colors to convey a deeper message.

The central motif in "Centers" features a vertical alignment of seven spheres, each set against a gradient background that transitions from one color to another. These colors correspond to the chakras, the energy centers in the human body according to various spiritual traditions:

The overlapping golden rings that encircle the spheres suggest interconnectedness and the flow of energy between these centers. The careful arrangement and balance of these elements highlight the harmony and unity within the human body and the universe.

Environmental Interaction: The painting, by its very nature, can influence the environment it's placed in. In Bio Geometry, artwork and design are used to harmonize and uplift the energetic quality of spaces. "Centers," with its vibrant colors and geometric precision, would likely have a positive effect on the biofield of a room, promoting balance and well-being.

'Focus' by Alexander Serra

The painting "Focus" by sacred geometry artist Alexander Serra features a complex, symmetrical design that includes overlapping geometric shapes and vibrant colors. This type of artwork, rooted in sacred geometry, often carries symbolic meanings and is believed to influence the energy and harmony of its surroundings.

Environmental Interaction: Bio Geometry, founded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, is based on the idea that certain shapes, angles, and proportions can harmonize and balance energy fields, which in turn can positively affect health and well-being. From a Bio Geometry perspective, Alexander Serra's "Focus" integrates key elements that promote a balanced and harmonious energy field. The interplay of geometric shapes, symmetrical patterns, and a thoughtful color palette work together to enhance the bioenergetic quality of its surroundings, potentially benefiting the well-being of individuals in the space. This painting exemplifies how art and science can merge to create environments that support health, harmony, and focused attention.